While planning a vacation; a comfy stay is the first need but to make vacation enjoyable & memorable; exciting activities are necessary!

The location of our cottage is certainly a blessing to us as it is surrounded by splendid mountains and awe-inspiring beauty. The morning at our cottage seems like to wake up with the beauty of paradise; the evening walk here feels like a pleasant therapy and the night here makes you completely connected with nature.

Bulhat, just a few minutes away from the "Queen of Hills" is a region to where you can enjoy & explore nature at its best. There are lots to experience here! If you are carrying an immense desire to live with nature, then yes! You are at the right place. At our cottage, "The Walnut Cottage"; we offer varied sightseeing and other related activities for guests wanting to explore both nearby & Mussoorie which is roughly 20 minutes’ drive from the cottage.

Trekking (charges are Rs 330/- per person) choice of going to Mountain or Waterfall

Come, make every moment of your stay precious and fun-filled with the activities at "The Walnut Cottage"!

Indoor Activites

We will not let you get bored at your stay in Walnut Cottage!! This is the reason we offer several activities and games for your enjoyment and fun. The indoor activities include some fun-filled games that you will surely love to play or if you don't want to get indulge physically in any activity then keep sitting at your cottage and enjoy reading a book with the hot sip of coffee. When the sun bid bye and the night keep coming closer, light up a fire in the fire place of our cottage and enjoy the perfect bonfire arranged in the lawn. Apart from this, get the palatable taste of bar-be-que arranged at the lawn.
Because we believe, a stay with bonfire & bar-be-que is completely more than perfect.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Rather than just a stay, we offer a lot more than this! The location of our cottage is truly blessed by the picturesque views and vibrant colors of nature. It's nice to stay with the complete luxury but when you want to switch on to an outdoor mode, then outdoor activities can be just the thing you'll dream of. Outdoor Games, Sightseeing, Farm Activities, Crop Field Tour, Visit to Benog National Park are the best thing to enjoy with the breezy air and a soothing environment of Mussoorie. So, have a wonderful stay with a wide range of outdoor enjoyment.

Sightseeing near our cottage is really marvellous as it will be truly wonderful to witness such an impressive beauty of nature.

Farm Activities not only add a pinch of joy on your stay but also let you understand the daily routine & hard work of a farmer.

Crop Field Tour gives you a very well knowledge of the contribution of Uttarakhand's lands to some of the famous and healthy crops.

A visit to Benog National Park makes you aware with the flora and fauna of the region.

Wellness Activites

What can be more wonderful than to take care of yourself while staying in the utmost luxury! Walnut cottage, a 6 room boutique homestay offers luxury blend with personal care. The pleasant environment of Mussoorie is the best where you can simply get away from the hectic and tiredness of daily life. This is the reason, with our stay, we offer wellness related activities such as yoga. We think this will be really amazing to spread your arms in the open environment of Mussoorie with an awe-inspiring view of the spectacular Himalayas and motherly nature.

Yoga & Meditation in the lap of the beautiful nature of Bulhat region is really amazing and wonderful. To get a bliss with a healthy lifestyle is completely beautiful. So, with your stay, take most of the benefits with the surroundings.

Close to Nature

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state with lots of inspiring views and amazing nature. Mussoorie, a hill station in the state, also famous with the name, "Pahadoki Rani" is really a place that is connected to nature. The lovely pleasant environment of Mussoorie attracts everyone to come and explore the beauty of it. There are lots of ways to live this true nature such as Village Walk and Trekking! Walking down the villages near Bulhat, Mussoorie offers you a chance to explore the vibrant culture of the place. You can trek to Mountain or Waterfall as per your choice.

Nature enthusiasts can walk right out the front door and immerse themselves in the delightful woods nearby and choose series of paths that will allow them to explore the immediate surroundings on foot.

Come to "The Walnut Cotttage" and experience the Himalayas in complete harmony with nature and everything which is divine!

Tourist Attractions

The nearby attractions at Walnut Cottage make your stay more amazing and pleasant! On just a distance of a few kilometres from our cottage, there are lots to see and explore in Mussoorie..

  • Bhadraj Temple

    At a distance of 7 km from our cottage, Bhadraj Temple is an ideal place for trekking and is also known as the milkman's mark in Mussoorie. Bhadraj Mandir lies in the western region of Mussoorie in Bhadraj. A top mountain temple offers a spectacular view of the Doon valley, Chakra ranges, and the Jonsar Bawar area of Himalayas. This Bhadraj temple is dedicated to the brother of Lord Krishna "Bal Bhadra". Every year from 15th to 17th of August Bhadraj temple organizes a fair where milk and butter to the Lord Bhadraj are offered by devotees.

  • George Everest House

    George Everest House, located 3 km away from our cottage is the most serene place to visit in Mussoorie. The highest mountain peak was named after Sir George who measured the altitude of Mt. Everest. Built in 1832, this was Sir George Everest's home and laboratory. The most amazing part is that you can enjoy the amazing view from George Everest House in any season! One can view of Rishikesh, Narendranaagr and Doon Valley.

  • Company Garden

    Company Garden is the famous picnic spot in Mussoorie, located 3 km from the mall also known with the name 'Company Bagh'. The Company Garden is just 4 km away from our cottage. Thousands of tourists visited here throughout the year. A variety of beautiful flowers enhance the beauty of this garden, a small lake and a fountain charms the beauty of this park. An adventurous ride for the kids is also the main attraction for the family. It would be a good option for you to come with your friends or family for a picnic or day out.

  • Gunhill

    At a distance of 8 km from our cottage, Gunhill is located at 400 feet above the Mall and can be reached by a cable car. This is the historical and second highest peak in Mussoorie, and tourist especially visits here to enjoy the natural scenic view of the Himalayan range and doon valley. It would be the amazing place as it provides a 360-degree view of Himalayan ranges namely Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara and Gangotri group. Gunhill is certainly increasing the charm of Mussoorie and attracts local people as well as travelers in a large number.

  • Mall Road

    At the height above 2000 meters, the mall road is the main attraction in Mussoorie. One can easily visit there by staying at our cottage as it is just 7 km away from the cottage. The most famous place to amble in the Queen of the Hills, Mussoorie is the Mall Road. It is the main market/shopping area of Mussoorie. A tourist enjoys food in restaurants, hotels or street food and unique accessories like jewellery, clothes home decor and so on or simply, you can also enjoy window shopping. There is seriously a wonderful collection in the stores on Mall Road..

  • Kempty Fall

    At an altitude of 4,500 feet, you will find a place known as Kempty Fall which falls from the height of approximately 40 feet from the mountain. Located 22 km away from our cottage, Kempty Fall is the most loved spot by tourist as well as local peoples. The stupendous waterfall lure you to come and enjoy the chilling water of the Kempty Fall. Doesn't matter, you are a traveler of which age; the Kempty Fall will surely attract you to come and enjoy the beautiful scenery nearby. Certainly. This is the most attractive picnic spot.

  • Benog National Park

    Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird-watching haven, located 5 km from our cottage. This place is known for rare species of birds which are habitat in its area. It is also home to various flora and fauna like fir and pine trees and other medicinal plants, the Himalayan goat, Panther, Leopard, Deer and bear. Beautiful scenes of the tops of snow like Chaukhamba and Monkey Punch can be seen from this sanctuary. Due to its beautiful beauty and green surroundings, this place is ideal for nature lovers and bird inspectors. The view of the sunrise is amazing here. Visitors can take a track to explore the forest of this place.

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