Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

We respect your comfort zone and hence offers the best service to make your stay worth remembering replete with pleasant memories! So, when we care a lot about you, so, it's your duty to follow some simple policies or rules & regulations of our cottage.

We are completely sure you will definitely take it seriously and follow it!

We are completely sure you will definitely take it seriously and follow it!

1. We offer you a homely environment and so expect you to maintain the cottage just like your home. So, please avoid throwing any litter especially plastics on the property or nearby areas of The Walnut Cottage. We have garbage bins at our cottages for litter items.

2. Enjoy the bonfire to the fullest but please after spending the wonderful and enjoyable evening around the bonfire, extinguish the fire or the embers with the help of the water as it is also necessary for safety purposes.

3. Do not light open fires at on the property or around the property of our cottage.

4. For your amazing stay, we provide you the books which you can enjoy reading on the balcony with a perfect view. Respect books and so please do not cause any damage to it by marking or turning the page ends.

5. You all better know the importance of water so please do not waste water.

6. Water in the taps of our cottage is drinkable from the source of natural spring water. The water is tested before and so is safe for consumption.

These are simple rules & regulations of our cottage which are easy and necessary to follow. We believe you will definitely respect these rules & regulations.

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